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Route to Middle East and Global Markets

We are former immigrants supporting new tech immigrants. We build connections so that new tech startups can can enter global markets and, in particular, Middle East and scale much faster. By becoming part of our ecosystem, startups get access to all the benefits listed below that ensure the best chances of their success

Smart Investors

We mostly syndicate deals with Tier 1 venture capital investors.  It means that in addition to selecting the most suitable investors for you, we also introduce you to them and help you with agreement terms and other legal matters

Talking people

Access to Global Corporates

We collaborate directly with various corporations throughout the globe, including those in the Middle East, that are most eager to test innovative technological solutions. Microsoft, SAP Foundries, NVIDIA, and Amazon Web Services are among them. This is an excellent chance to connect with all global corporates via a single entry point


Advisors & Mentors

We believe people are the main asset. That is why we build a community-based Venture Fund where our people can be value-generators. We invite world-class experts from various fields and regions to provide our startups with on-demand advice



Expert in GrowthYouTube UK


Expert in PRFounder Prisma


Expert in MobilityFounder of Busfor (acquired by BlaBlaCar)


Expert in StrategyFounder of Epiphany


Expert in Human CapitalFounder of Impala Hub, ex UBS


Expert in BlockchainFounder of TON Labs


Expert in FMCGex Procter & Gamble

Recology Actions

High five

Recology Actions are ecological initiatives developed and carried out by NRG Ventures to mitigate the effects of recent natural disasters. This model establishes a link connecting global tech startups and disaster-affected areas. The recent case of such an initiative happened in Oman where one of our startups organized the delivery of medical supplies using drones to the area hit by a massive flooding disaster. This is one of the reasons why we believe in the importance of leveraging technologies to create a better world


Every startup in our ecosystem is entitled to a number of useful perks. You can reap the benefits of the best products and services which have been carefully selected for you. The total value of the bonuses we have agreed on is approximately $500,000

Amazon Web Services

NRG Ventures is an Official AWS Activate Provider — our startups can receive Amazon Web Services credits for up to $100,000

AWS Enterprise Connections

Thanks to our collaboration with AWS Enterprise Connections, our startups have the opportunity to connect with corporate clients and significantly accelerate their development

NVIDIA Inception

NRG Ventures is an official member of the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance. Our startups are eligible for the NVIDIA Inception programme, which offers benefits including free marketing support, educational seminars, consultations with NVIDIA developers, and access to international conferences

Microsoft for Startups

NRG Ventures is an official partner of Microsoft for Startups, and as such, our startups are able to apply for grants of up to $150,000 in Azure, Microsoft 360, Skype, and also be included in the global Microsoft Marketplace to get salesforce and free access to numerous international events and startup programs