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Euronews Next about UVL Robotics and Drone Deliveries as the Future of Logistics

15 min

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Euronews Next talked with UVL Robotics about the study the company conducted. It supports the idea that an autonomous 24/7 depot-to-parcel-station model could safely and efficiently fit in urban environments – including in areas of multi-story housing.

“We did many tests, and demos for different verticals in logistics,” UVL Robotics co-founder & MENA Director Moosa Al Balushi told Euronews Next. “From medicine to food and grocery delivery, and mail”.

The UVL Robotics study shows that using drones to deliver parcels in urban environments soon will, at the very least, cost no more than having humans do the job. It also identified a clear path to profitability for the companies and investors betting on this technology.

NRG Ventures’ portfolio company and Alchemist alumni, UVL Robotics is a global provider of AI-powered drone solutions, already operating in Europe and the Middle East and shaping the future of logistics.

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