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Elena Beloshapkova
Roman Tyan

inspace enables companies to transform their offices into hybrid workspaces while reducing their costs by up to 50%.

With the inspace app, a desk, a meeting room, a lounge area, or a parking spot become bookable for employees. Every employee can view the office floor plan on their smartphone and immediately see which workstations are currently occupied and which are available. In addition, the app allows colleagues to be found throughout the office, giving them the freedom to choose their workplace and to collaborate with the person they want.

This smart solution provides companies with a detailed analysis of their office space usage, and as a result, helps them become more efficient.
• 10x cheaper than competitors
• Fast integration
• Experienced founder with 15 years of relevant experience

Clients: Capital RX, Cleverly Associates, Nectr, Gobo, Sectra, T3 Advisors + Savills, Neurable